Women are better drivers than men, University of New South Wales study finds

“Males are certainly at higher risk than females, whether it’s per car, per head of population or per the kilometres travelled,” road safety chair Professor Raphael Grzebieta.

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Woman are gentle by nature and this makes them better drivers particularly in city traffic. They do not try to overtake each and every vehicle in front of them like men do. They are also not disturbed when some car with lesser power overtakes them. Statistics show women are the least involved in such unwanted street races.

Women tend to take driving seriously. Hence they follow all traffic rules that they are told to. This makes them safe drivers in almost all cases. You can have a look at the number of fatal road accidents and you will see that the percentage of women drivers involved in such cases is comparatively low. They do not take unwanted risks and hence provide a safer drive.

In this video a woman driver try to park her car:

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